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General Information

General Information

Name: GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating System)
House: 1450 Mitchell Road
Housemates: Red Engie (not!husband), Tachikoma (pet)
Canon: Portal
Canon Point: End of Portal 2


- A box of parts from Aperture science faculties filled with spare parts for turrets and cores
- Her data bases. So basically the dictionary is back in her head, her memory is better and she is a little less human then she used to be.
- Parts from some of her turrets
- Two Aperture Science Computers
- One Aperture Science Radio
- Aperture Science Propaganda posters
- Franken-turret
- Her potato battery.
- The clothes she used to wear when she was Caroline
- Some of her security cameras.
- Her immunity to neurotoxin.
- A small version of the neurotoxin generator.
- A computer
- Pre-recorded messages made by Cave Johnson
-Two computers