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Not Family

Idiot Husband

Red ENGINEER: Not!Husband

The idiots replacement. GLaDOS didn't really have much of an opinion of him. He seemed compliant enough to listen to her rules and didn't annoy her very much.

However he went against her rules and built a teleporter in the middle of her lab in the basement of all places. She's starting to consider him a threat. Especially with her own less then pleasant memories of the BLU Engineer (he killed her), and the various ones from home that put all the cores on her.

Despite giving her a Christmas gift, and seemingly trying to be friendly. She does not trust him at all and is sure he just wants to gain her trust so he can use her. He seems to treat her like a machine without opinions of her own sometimes. Something else that makes her hate him.

Idiot pet

Tachikoma: The Pet

An annoying robot creature that really has no common sense at all. It stays outside and can be counted on to make itself useful if asked. GLaDOS has gotten used to it by now and it doesn't really bother her as much as it first did.

Prone to moments of strangeness. Like wearing a sun hat for no reason.


Test Subject

Chell [Redacted]: Test subject/friend


GLaDOS hates her. Considers her, her best friend. Wants her to GO AWAY. Or never leave.

There are many ways you can become close to a person. And GLaDOS was killed by Chell. And then relived that last two minutes of being killed for 999- [error] days. Needles to say she's got a bit of a fixation on the test subject. And after going through everything in Portal 2 with her and realizing she does actually somewhat care about her.....

She hates her. She doesn't hate her. It's very complicated.

But they are linked. Whether either of them like it or not. And Chell is hers. Her former test subject. Whatever. Chell is still her's. That counts for something.

Lady in the portrait

Caroline: the voice in my head

Caroline is the woman that GLaDOS used to be. In a way. She's part of her now anyway. She's the memories of being human. She's the assistant that was married to science. She was part of the creation of GLaDOS. She' WON'T LEAVE.

GLaDOS doesn't mind her as much as she pretends to. The woman seems to serve as something of a concinece to the AI now. Though GLaDOS is trying to ignore her when she can.


That guy


Another teacher in the high school. He seemed to be freaked out by her for no reason. Despite that, they talked a few times. Run away from a giant milk man machine with a Portal gun. He has magical "tech" powers that let's him "talk" to machines. He lent her a hand when she was fixing the Fraken-turret, the town had sent to her.

They ran into each other during a truth event where he revealed that in his world she's a villain in a video game he played and she mentioned Caroline.

She doesn't dislike him and she finds his powers fascinating. She'd like to study them. She also likes that she can scare him easily.

Evil Scientist

Heinz doofenshmirtz

A mad scientist. She enjoys talking to him. His 'mad science' is similar to Aperture Science in its relation to the laws of reality. He works at the bakery as well. She sometimes stops in, and has helped him with the security for his lair.

She doesn't realize he has a crush on her.

smart ass


A smart-ass little kid that she met one day on the street. He hit her on the head with a wrench when she wouldn't stop looking at what he was building. She slit his throat. He killed her when she was a zombie in the Halloween event.

Over the year they talked a few times. Nothing much really. Then the truth event happened and they talked a lot. Mentioning the annoyance of growing conscience and things like that.

Somehow they get along now? He's in her science club and they talk about things from time to time.









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