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2017-07-02 10:28 pm
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Critique Post

Am I making GLaDOS act out of character. Anything you want to tell me about my playing.

Leave a comment if you do. Anon/screened and all that fun stuff.
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2016-01-29 10:47 am
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General Information

General Information

Name: GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating System)
House: 1450 Mitchell Road
Housemates: Red Engie (not!husband), Tachikoma (pet)
Canon: Portal
Canon Point: End of Portal 2
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2014-05-08 01:49 am
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Nice Job Breaking it, Hero

[This is a letter to the heroes in Mayfield. Feel free to link to here if you want to have someone hand one out.]

Whose passing shall not be mourned )
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2011-10-18 08:56 pm

Test Log Twenty Three | ...Maybe I'll stop feeling so bad

[Action for household: GLaDOS sits alone in her house. Alone. ....again. The drone who pretended to be her lunatic was no company so GLaDOS had thrown her out of the house.

She listened. And walked off.

No stubbornness at all.  Nothing like her.

Caroline was saying that she missed her. Caroline could shut up any time thank  you. It didn't matter. She didn't need her. Her or the moron.

Even if they had left her alone.]

[Phone: Mayfield? Do you like music? Well there seems to be some coming from the phone. It's a little distant as the phone has been knocked off the hook by two turrets who are trying to cheer someone up and they think singing for people will help.

Comment on the singing? Ask what the hell she's doing and where the music is coming from?]

[A. In the science classroom, quieter then normal. She's passing back test marks. How did you do? Probably not well unless you're really good at science. She seems to be marking harder then normal and the small comments are being less passive and more 'seriously now. You call this an answer? This is pathetic.'and 'while some people say that grades are not a fair assessment of a person's intelligence. I think they would agree that your work has managed to change their minds."

B. In the record store looking through the albums. Sighs and if you're next to her.]

Alright, I'm desperate. What would you recommend?
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2011-10-07 10:41 pm

Test Log Twenty Two | Well there goes the moron

[She'd woken up, seconds before she was about to spring her little surprise. Caroline wasn't amused. GLaDOS was even less amused when she realized she was stuck in this town again. Well at least she knew for sure she got her facility back. She was just going to go rub it in the moron's face when she realized....

Oh right. Phonecall time]

For anyone interested. The idiot, Wheatley has gone back to space now. If we're lucky he won't come back. Or if he does, it will be in some form less capable of destroying innocent toasters. 

Speaking of innocent machines being destroyed by horrible people. Chell? I'm kidding. I really want to know, are there any other AI's in the town? 

[A. GLaDOS is working in the front lawn, she needs space and light for this, so you can see a large group of turrets being worked on as she sit's there. Totally normal. Just ignore the little creepy voices saying hello to you as you walk by.

B. In the science classroom. If you're a science club member or just want to complain about the amount of homework you're getting from her: protip; it's a lot, feel free to drop him. She's just marking some  papers.]

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2011-09-15 12:21 am

Test Log Twenty-One: Goodbye, sir.

[She's still not sure what to think about Mr.- him, ....Mr. Johnson being here. It's....strange. But she checks in on him.'s...nice even. Even if it is horribly confusing....

A. Today however you can find GLaDOS on the side walk arguing with a drone. For anyone who knows her. She seems a bit odd.]

Snap out of it sir! Mr. Johson you can't do this.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Tesla I don't know-"

My name is.... is Caroline sir! I work for you. At Aperture?

"Aperture? Never heard of it. Sounds like a soft drink."

Mr. Johnson!

[B: It's not sulking. She's just out for a walk. In the park. And kicking a tree. Yup. Totally normal behaviour, Just walk on by people. The small turrets behind her are just watching you walk by on the path. Just ignore them too.]

Is anyone there?

[C: Thursday in Science Class however GLaDOS seems better. Or at least back to her normal smirking self. She's writing on the board.

Aperture Science: Not  Never But NOW ]

Today we're going to be talking about science, also Aperture Science and it's founder. CEO Cave Johnson. 


[Points at a student.]

Tell me something we have today that we wouldn't have without science. 
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2011-09-03 12:54 am

Test Log Twenty | You have got to be joking me

[She wakes up in bed with an idiot.

And she's apparently wearing a dress of some sort. Okay just going to try and open the doors.

.....she hates this place. Just shoving Wheatley.]

Wake up you idiot.
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2011-08-19 03:57 pm

Test Log Nineteen: Convince Idiotic Robots to Drink Milk

[Well this week would be a lovely one for the residents of the Robot house. ]

[Tuesday Okay well they lucked out. No strange milk. But the warnings are mentioned.]

[Wednesday Hey. HOUSE MEETING]

Well ONE of us is going to have to drink the milk. Logically it would make sense to go with the most useless member. What do you think Wheatley? 

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2011-08-05 10:33 pm

Test Log Eighteen: Back to Basics

 [GLaDOS is not enjoying her stay here. Especially now her one sane daughter is droned again. And her old boss is's complicated.

So she's decided to ignore Caroline and her thoughts, and focus on the things that matter. Like science.  Science makes everything better. Which is why she's converting the basement into another lab. She just needs to idiot proof it.]

Hello Mayfield.

As odd as it might sound, if anyone wants to make some money,  I have some computers and things that need to be moved at my house. If anyone would be interested and isn't the sort of person who trip's over their own two feet please call me back. 

Also, I hate to ask, considering the amount of no doubt 'hilarous' comments I'm probably going to get about the time period we're in. But if anyone has any computers, mechanical devices or anything like that, that they have no use for, I'd be interested in taking them off your hands.

Oh and Chell. Come over and see me, we need to have a talk about a few things. And don't jump to conclusions, this isn't a 'surprise', we just need to talk. 

[GLaDOS is keeping busy, because if she's busy then she doesn't have to think about ...well lots of things she doesn't want to think about. Science. Science is safe, science is good. 
A. GLaDOS is walking down the street, a cart behind her is being pulled by two small walking turrets. It's filled with mechanical parts. 
B. Every so often she'll stop at a house that has only drones in it and begin to dismantle their car. The turrets just wait next to her as she works away, stripping the cars engine of anything she might need.
C. You don't see this....she's going, or is inside the record store looking through a few things. ...for science.
D.The front lawn of her house. GLaDOS seems to be lecturing two turrets who are looking up at her.]
I told you, for the last time. I am not your mother. 
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2011-06-24 03:32 pm

Test Log Seventeen: How are you holding up?

[GLaDOS has finally gotten back a regain. .... it's a potato. No, in fact it's a potato battery. She hates this place.]

You know, I'd almost forgotten what a horrible sense of humour this place had. But then they do things like this and it all comes flooding back. 

Well if you're listening. Ha, ha. That's how funny I think you are. Why don't you find something useful to do with your time rather then just waste it on making people miserable. At least add some science into it. 
[And she hangs up, and goes on her way. And runs an errand she's been meaning to do for a while. Goodbye box with heart shapes on it.  Hello....
Oh you have got to be kidding me.  

Filtered to Quinn.]

....I need a favour. 

[Action: Outside her house
There is an angry woman trying to decide whether or not to throw out what looks like a potato of some sort. ....Why is this such a hard decision? ]
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2011-05-08 09:22 am

Test Log Sixteen: It's been a looong time /Spoilers for Portal 2

 [Action for house and accidental phone message
GLaDOS wakes up suddenly, bolting up right in bed. Arms out to the side she manages to accidently knock the phone of the hook. Oh hey Mayfield. Have a rather distressed woman who doesn't realize where she is at the moment yet.]

Alright, I'm back. How long was I out for this....time....

.....This isn't' the ....Enrichment Centre....


[Well at least her sarcasm is working. And she hangs up the phone after seeing it. She needs a moment to compose herself. And by compose herself, I mean throw a pillow at the wall and scream in rage.]
[Later that day:  Have an actual phone call Mayfield, she's muttering to herself as she picks up the phone..]

....Well I suppose this beats being a potato...somewhat. 


Hello Mayfield, would anyone be able to tell me if I was gone for long. I seriously doubt it`s been nine...[999-]. Well however long that was. Hundreds of years maybe. 
And if whoever brought us here is listening. 
I need to go home. The entire facility is going to blow up if I don't get back. I don't have time for this.
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2011-05-04 09:55 pm

Test Log Fifteen: Where do I know that name? /possible spoilers for Portal 2.

Inner thoughts )

[After a while though she figures she might as well try and clear her head a little bit.

You can find GLaDOS

A. Sitting in the park, staring at a tree. Lost in thought or just watching a squirrel run up it.

B. Outside her house taking the car apart for parts. At least with Robo gone she doesn't have to run for them every morning. Watch out though, if she's not interested in a part, she's just tossing it to the side and she's not really looking where she's throwing it.
C. At the top of that hill...makeout something. Just looking down at the town.]
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2011-04-05 06:14 pm

Test Log Fifteen: The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Companion Cube cannot speak

 [GLaDOS was quite pleased when she saw the box outside her house. After all, she just got everything taken away again. At least she'd get something back. She opens the box to find. 



[Action: If you are walking by 1450 Mitchell Road you might see a large cube like object with pink hearts painted on the side. GLaDOS seems to be talking to it.]

-still the same. How wonderful. They couldn't send me back something useful. So I got you. The last I remember, the test subject threw you in a fire, just like the one before that and the one before that.....

[B. At school in front of her science class. There is a mouse in a cage on the desk.]
Excuse me. If I could have everyone's attention. 
Today we will be starting a project on Operant conditioning. Or in layman's terms, positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement.  
I want all of you to either, by yourself, or with a partner, create a small maze for a mouse to run. Some of you will be assigned positive reinforcement and others negative reinforcement. We will then see which side has the best results. 
....any questions?
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2011-03-31 10:55 pm

Test Log Fourteen: This is your fault

 [GLaDOS was not happy. Not happy in the slightest.

She'd been normal again, wonderfully normal. Not 100% back to normal but being mobile did have it's advantages that made her fine to overlook a few details.

And now she was human again. Just like she was before this whole mess started.

Action: Family, you may notice that there are some crashing sounds coming from the study. Not!mom may be throwing a few books around the room in her rage.


How do you people live like this. Eating, sleeping. It's one large waste of, time. There's so much more you could be getting done. 
Think of all the science that could be done, while all of  you sleep.
It's pathetic.
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2011-01-19 09:51 pm

Test Log Thirteen: Where are the AI

I have a question Mayfield: Are there any people in the town that were not people before they came here? And I mean not organic lifeforms at all. 

Artificial Intelligence? 

[Action! GLaDOS has been very busy latley. She's been working on her turrets and working hard with the two computers she got back.

A. Walking by 1450 Mitchell Road, the garage door is a little open so you will be able to hear music coming from a radio. GLaDOS is hard at work. Fixing a turret and humming. No she doesn't seem to mind the repetitiveness.

B. In her science classroom in the high school. She's humming to herself and putting a poster on the wall for the science club. Why yes there is a picture of a cake in it.]
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2010-12-25 12:25 pm

Test Log Twelve: I'm hideous

 [For a moment GLaDOS had been excited. The test subject was here she could find her and.....why did her face feel so strange? Turns out her gift is more ironic then she realized. 

More specifically she looks like this. 

There is a scream of rage as GLaDOS looks in the mirror. House-mates have fun with that. She'll pick up the phone with an angry growl]

Oh how funny. I bet you think you're just hilarious. Well I don't.

ChAnGe Me BaCk nOw.

[Action: You can find her in front of the bakery looking at the cakes. For some reason she's really hungry all of a sudden.]
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2010-12-08 01:43 pm

Test Log Eleven: Christmas is coming

[Christmas! GLaDOS never had a real Christmas per say...Unless you count spending a few nights a year waiting for Santa with the companion cube celebrating Christmas...
Totally for scientific reasons. Yes.]

I'm curious. What do most people do for Christmas? I know you have to decorate and there's presents. Who are you supposed to give the presents to though?

I get to make a cake, don't I?

:Action: )