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[She'd woken up, seconds before she was about to spring her little surprise. Caroline wasn't amused. GLaDOS was even less amused when she realized she was stuck in this town again. Well at least she knew for sure she got her facility back. She was just going to go rub it in the moron's face when she realized....

Oh right. Phonecall time]

For anyone interested. The idiot, Wheatley has gone back to space now. If we're lucky he won't come back. Or if he does, it will be in some form less capable of destroying innocent toasters. 

Speaking of innocent machines being destroyed by horrible people. Chell? I'm kidding. I really want to know, are there any other AI's in the town? 

[A. GLaDOS is working in the front lawn, she needs space and light for this, so you can see a large group of turrets being worked on as she sit's there. Totally normal. Just ignore the little creepy voices saying hello to you as you walk by.

B. In the science classroom. If you're a science club member or just want to complain about the amount of homework you're getting from her: protip; it's a lot, feel free to drop him. She's just marking some  papers.]

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Inner thoughts )

[After a while though she figures she might as well try and clear her head a little bit.

You can find GLaDOS

A. Sitting in the park, staring at a tree. Lost in thought or just watching a squirrel run up it.

B. Outside her house taking the car apart for parts. At least with Robo gone she doesn't have to run for them every morning. Watch out though, if she's not interested in a part, she's just tossing it to the side and she's not really looking where she's throwing it.
C. At the top of that hill...makeout something. Just looking down at the town.]


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