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[GLaDOS has finally gotten back a regain. .... it's a potato. No, in fact it's a potato battery. She hates this place.]

You know, I'd almost forgotten what a horrible sense of humour this place had. But then they do things like this and it all comes flooding back. 

Well if you're listening. Ha, ha. That's how funny I think you are. Why don't you find something useful to do with your time rather then just waste it on making people miserable. At least add some science into it. 
[And she hangs up, and goes on her way. And runs an errand she's been meaning to do for a while. Goodbye box with heart shapes on it.  Hello....
Oh you have got to be kidding me.  

Filtered to Quinn.]

....I need a favour. 

[Action: Outside her house
There is an angry woman trying to decide whether or not to throw out what looks like a potato of some sort. ....Why is this such a hard decision? ]
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 [GLaDOS was quite pleased when she saw the box outside her house. After all, she just got everything taken away again. At least she'd get something back. She opens the box to find. 



[Action: If you are walking by 1450 Mitchell Road you might see a large cube like object with pink hearts painted on the side. GLaDOS seems to be talking to it.]

-still the same. How wonderful. They couldn't send me back something useful. So I got you. The last I remember, the test subject threw you in a fire, just like the one before that and the one before that.....

[B. At school in front of her science class. There is a mouse in a cage on the desk.]
Excuse me. If I could have everyone's attention. 
Today we will be starting a project on Operant conditioning. Or in layman's terms, positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement.  
I want all of you to either, by yourself, or with a partner, create a small maze for a mouse to run. Some of you will be assigned positive reinforcement and others negative reinforcement. We will then see which side has the best results. 
....any questions?


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