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Am I making GLaDOS act out of character. Anything you want to tell me about my playing.

Leave a comment if you do. Anon/screened and all that fun stuff.
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General Information

Name: GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating System)
House: 1450 Mitchell Road
Housemates: Red Engie (not!husband), Tachikoma (pet)
Canon: Portal
Canon Point: End of Portal 2
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[This is a letter to the heroes in Mayfield. Feel free to link to here if you want to have someone hand one out.]

Whose passing shall not be mourned )
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[Action for household: GLaDOS sits alone in her house. Alone. ....again. The drone who pretended to be her lunatic was no company so GLaDOS had thrown her out of the house.

She listened. And walked off.

No stubbornness at all.  Nothing like her.

Caroline was saying that she missed her. Caroline could shut up any time thank  you. It didn't matter. She didn't need her. Her or the moron.

Even if they had left her alone.]

[Phone: Mayfield? Do you like music? Well there seems to be some coming from the phone. It's a little distant as the phone has been knocked off the hook by two turrets who are trying to cheer someone up and they think singing for people will help.

Comment on the singing? Ask what the hell she's doing and where the music is coming from?]

[A. In the science classroom, quieter then normal. She's passing back test marks. How did you do? Probably not well unless you're really good at science. She seems to be marking harder then normal and the small comments are being less passive and more 'seriously now. You call this an answer? This is pathetic.'and 'while some people say that grades are not a fair assessment of a person's intelligence. I think they would agree that your work has managed to change their minds."

B. In the record store looking through the albums. Sighs and if you're next to her.]

Alright, I'm desperate. What would you recommend?
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[She'd woken up, seconds before she was about to spring her little surprise. Caroline wasn't amused. GLaDOS was even less amused when she realized she was stuck in this town again. Well at least she knew for sure she got her facility back. She was just going to go rub it in the moron's face when she realized....

Oh right. Phonecall time]

For anyone interested. The idiot, Wheatley has gone back to space now. If we're lucky he won't come back. Or if he does, it will be in some form less capable of destroying innocent toasters. 

Speaking of innocent machines being destroyed by horrible people. Chell? I'm kidding. I really want to know, are there any other AI's in the town? 

[A. GLaDOS is working in the front lawn, she needs space and light for this, so you can see a large group of turrets being worked on as she sit's there. Totally normal. Just ignore the little creepy voices saying hello to you as you walk by.

B. In the science classroom. If you're a science club member or just want to complain about the amount of homework you're getting from her: protip; it's a lot, feel free to drop him. She's just marking some  papers.]

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[She's still not sure what to think about Mr.- him, ....Mr. Johnson being here. It's....strange. But she checks in on him.'s...nice even. Even if it is horribly confusing....

A. Today however you can find GLaDOS on the side walk arguing with a drone. For anyone who knows her. She seems a bit odd.]

Snap out of it sir! Mr. Johson you can't do this.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Tesla I don't know-"

My name is.... is Caroline sir! I work for you. At Aperture?

"Aperture? Never heard of it. Sounds like a soft drink."

Mr. Johnson!

[B: It's not sulking. She's just out for a walk. In the park. And kicking a tree. Yup. Totally normal behaviour, Just walk on by people. The small turrets behind her are just watching you walk by on the path. Just ignore them too.]

Is anyone there?

[C: Thursday in Science Class however GLaDOS seems better. Or at least back to her normal smirking self. She's writing on the board.

Aperture Science: Not  Never But NOW ]

Today we're going to be talking about science, also Aperture Science and it's founder. CEO Cave Johnson. 


[Points at a student.]

Tell me something we have today that we wouldn't have without science. 
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[She wakes up in bed with an idiot.

And she's apparently wearing a dress of some sort. Okay just going to try and open the doors.

.....she hates this place. Just shoving Wheatley.]

Wake up you idiot.
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[Well this week would be a lovely one for the residents of the Robot house. ]

[Tuesday Okay well they lucked out. No strange milk. But the warnings are mentioned.]

[Wednesday Hey. HOUSE MEETING]

Well ONE of us is going to have to drink the milk. Logically it would make sense to go with the most useless member. What do you think Wheatley? 


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